"I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you(Genesis 28:15)"


I and my family went to okenakkal on vacation. We took a small boat for sightseeing in the river. Suddenly the boat cracked at the bottom and water started to rapidly gush in to the boat. The boat soon started to sink into the river .There was not a single boat, nor any scent of man around us. We were extremely frightened and our loud cries of help could not save us. Then I realized that there was absolutely no way of escape for me my wife and children. And we were all going to die. At that moment, something crosses my mind. I remembered this very ministry(Apostolic Trinity Ministry) of God and prayed and vowed to testify, if God would save my family from imminent death. At that very moment the boat stopped sinking, as though someone was holding the boat from below in His hands. And soon other people came in boats to rescue us. We were shifted for safety into other boats. And then we saw the very boat that we travelled in, sink in front of our own eyes. I am really at a loss of words, to thank the Lord Almighty, who delivered us from the jaws of death.

Astin Jeyakumar,Chithirankodu.

My younger sisterís husband was suffering from anuria(unable to pass urine)since 2 months. He underwent treatment at various hospitals, but had no relief from his problem. A catheter (tube) was inserted to relive the urine. In spite of the various methods tried by doctors, he could not pass urine. Under the circumstances, my brother in law attended the healing worship held at Palliyadi every Friday and after the meeting personally met the Apostle and prayed for his condition. And what happened after that was astonishing as my brother in law immediately ran for the urinary shed. We give all glory to God who gave complete healing and peace to my brother in law and his family.


My new born child was suffering from an urinary problem. He couldnít pass urine at all. Scan reports showed both his kidneys were damaged. And the doctors advised surgery after three months. Every one in our family were heartbroken. In this situation we happened to attend the deliverance meeting held at SA Raja auditorium in Nagercoil and after the meeting we personally met Apostle Sathu Sobitha Raj and prayed for my child. Praise God! my child was immediately healed of his urinary problem. That very week we met the doctor and did the investigations. And to everyone's amazement the scan report showed that my sonís both kidneys were in perfect condition.I give all glory to Almighty God and thank God for using the apostle as an instrument for healing the broken hearted.

Merypushpa,Punnai nagar,Nagercoil.

My name is Giridhara Sankar Androos. Iím a government servant. Since last four years, I was suffering from hyper tension, diabetes mellitus, Gall bladder stone, kidney stone, piles and insomnia. I was bandaged to the fear of death all this while. Medicines brought me, no relief and I understood that these medicines were not going to save my life. In this situation, I attended the healing worship held at Palliyadi and met the apostle, who prayed for me. That very moment the fear of death left me. Then subsequently I kept attending the deliverance meeting held at Nagercoil, at S.A Raja Auditorium and the worship at Palliyadi and soon I was healed of the diseases that were tormenting my life. I magnify God for using the apostle as a vessel of blessing for the nation.

Giridhara Sankar Androos,Nangunery.

My husband was covered, all over his body from head to toe with skin lesions and sores. For 17 years he was suffering from agonizing pain and couldnít walk, or sit or lie down anywhere. From these lesions, pus would pour out and his body would emit a very foul smell. All these years we went to very eminent hospitals, all over our state. All the while in the hospital, he would get momentary relief, but his agony would arise later. We contacted various prayer groups, but no one could help us. In these circumstance,One day, we attended the healing service held at Palliyadi at the prayer tower on Friday and personally met apostle Sadhu Sobitharaj and prayed over my husbandís problem. To our grace amazement, from that very day God started working in his life. The foul smell from his body and the pain he was suffering from left him. And gradually he received complete healing as we kept attending the prayer meetings held at the prayer tower and meetings held on the 1st Saturday and 3rd Saturday of every month. I am grateful to God, who enabled my husband to once again resume his fishing occupation after many years and giving him divine healing.

Jeranthus leela,thoothoor .

I was suffering from bleeding through vagina for 5 months. Because of this I was suffering from severe anemia. And the doctors who were treating me said that my uterus was diseases and that I needed a surgery to remove my uterus i.e. hysterectomy. In this situation, I attended the worship service held at Palliyadi and personally met the apostle to pray for my problem. From that day onwards the bleeding, drastically reduced and in a few days time I received complete healing and there was no need for any surgery in my life. I thank the great healer and doctor Jehovah Rapha for giving me divine healing.

Esthar T.Parvathi,Tuckalay.

My sister mini was suffering from chest pain since one year. At the hospital, the doctors diagnosed my sister with a serious heart condition. Her coronary blood vessels (valves to her heart) became constricted. The doctors told us that mini should undergo surgery and that the outcome of the surgery could be fatal. Everyone in our family was in complete darkness and gloom since we heard such a prognosis from the medicos. In these circumstances, fortunately, we got the contact number of Sadhu Sobitharaj from a friend of ours. We immediately contacted the Apostle on telephone and the man of god prayed for my sister over the phone. At that very moment, mini was completely relieved of her chronic chest pain. Later we went for a checkup. And the same doctors who said that the valves of her heart that were defective, was completely normal and healthy now as the new investigation reports showed a new picture. Countless thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, who healed my sister, without having to go through any surgery.

Sunitha,Udaiyar Vilai,Colachel.

I was suffering from seizure disorder (Fits) since 20 years and simultaneously I used to have severe headaches and bodyaches. All those years I was going through horrible pain as I used to involuntarily fall down and develop foaming over my mouth and lay unconscious for sometime. I underwent treatment for my problem at various hospitals, but had no relief from my agony. Then one day I attended the convention meeting hosted by the A.G church of oorapakkam, where I met Apostle Sathu Sobitha Raj and he prayed for me. And now I am completely healed of the sickness that was tormenting me for 20 years. I give all glory to God.


I had failed my medical test twice as I was diagnosed with Hepatitis B and hence I couldnít go to any foreign country persue my carrier. Then I happened to attend the prayer meeting held at palliyadi, where I personally met the apostle and prayed over my problem. To my surprise, I passed the very next medical test and was declared fit to travel to foreign country. Praise God for this wonderous miracle in my life.


I am a homeopathy doctor. Since 28 years I have been suffering from terrible pain in my vertebral column up to my neck and head. And all those years I had been taking various kind of treatment,without any relief at all. Then I attended the deliverance meeting held at Rajaiya auditorium, Karungal during the month of September. During the worship led by the apostle sadhu sobitha raj So,God completely healed me from the severe pain i was suffering in my head and all agony my vertebral column. I thank my Almighty god for completely healing me from this agonizing pain I had been suffering all my life.

A.J Godfrey,Alamparai.

For the fast 8 years, I was having a tumor on my back. Once, I attended the healing worship service held on Fridayís at Palliyadi and met the man of God and prayed for my problem. Then I got some prayer oil from the apostle and started applying the oil, over the tumor. From that day onwards the tumor started shrinking. Then, when I attended the deliverance meeting, held at karunkal the already diminishing tumor on my back, completely disappeared. Thank god for delivering me from the tumor that was pestering me for the past 8 years.

Heleela Mery,NGO Colony,Nagercoil.